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How To Keep Your Tile Flooring Looking Brand New

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After you install a new tile floor in your home, the entire room seems to come together. Your design went from mediocre to perfection. Because your new tile flooring completes the room so nicely, you want to do everything you can to maintain that like-new appearance going forward. However, never having had tile flooring in your home before, you may not know where to start with tile flooring maintenance. Luckily, there are a few simple and easy steps you can take to protect your new tile flooring from the wear and tear that can damage your floor. Learn these steps and incorporate them into your home maintenance routine. 

Keep Dirt and Sand Away

While a little dirt on the floor may seem like no big deal, these tiny dirt and sand particles can actually scratch the sealant and surface of your tiles making them look far older than they actually are. 

To avoid this, you should lay down protective floor mats at the entrances to the room. Additionally, you should try to sweep tile floors once a day or once every other day, and wet mop once a week. These actions in combination will prevent dirt and sand from entering the room and will clean up any that manage to slip through.

Also, you should be particularly careful during winter months to keep ice-melt and salt off your your tile floors as these substances are even more abrasive and damaging than dirt and sand.

Protect Your Floors From Furniture Scratches

Another common source of damage to your tile floors comes from your furniture. Wooden chair legs, for example, drag across the tile when you move them or sit down which can scratch and gauge the surface of your tiles. No matter how hard you try to lift furniture as you move it, these scratches can and will occur.

To prevent this, you will want to invest in protective furniture pads to place under your tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture. These pads have an adhesive side that attaches to the legs of your furniture and are cloth on the side that touches your tile flooring. Thus, when your furniture moves across the floor, it will not scratch.

Avoid Vacuuming Tile Floors

While vacuuming may seem like a convenient time-saver, it can actually cause damage to tile flooring. The rotating brushes can scratch the surface of your tile, or can even chip and crack your flooring. 

Sweeping and mopping are the only surefire safe methods of cleaning your tile flooring. 

Caring for and maintaining your tile flooring can be simple and easy if you know what to do. So, incorporate these maintenance tips into your home care routine and you will have a tile floor that looks brand new for years to come.