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Prepare Your Grade School-Aged Child For Your Global Relocation

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Moving with grade school-aged children isn't ever easy, but it can be even more complicated when going abroad. Children who go through international relocations can feel isolated and out of sorts in their new country, especially when surrounded by children and adults who have a different culture and speak a different language. These tips will help you prepare your grade school-aged child for your upcoming global relocation. 

Get a Language Tutor

The faster your child learns the language of your new home, the faster he or she will be able to adjust to the new setting. Enroll your child in a language program to teach him or her the language in the country where you'll be moving, or hire a private tutor for one-on-one learning with your child. Get a conversation partner to assist with the process. Not only will this help your child in school in the new country – it will also help him/her make friends. Assuming you are also learning a new language, or that you already know the language of the country where you'll be moving, make the effort to speak that language at home with your child. 

Get your Child Excited for Change

There are many ways you can get your child excited for the upcoming change. These tips will help. 

  • Buy books--both fiction and non-fiction--that discuss the country where you're relocating.
  • Show your child maps of the country, and point out landmarks and points of interest. Talk about places where you'll go.
  • Talk about new holidays they'll experience once they're there. 
  • Put up pictures of the new country around your house.

Spend Extra Time with your Child 

With this big adjustment coming up, your child may be feeling stress and anxiety at the thought of leaving friends and family in your current location. It's important to spend time with your child at this time. Talk to your child about his or her worries, to show your child that you want to understand how he or she feels, and that you care. 

As you prepare for your upcoming global relocation, you'll probably be very busy. That's why it helps to hire a full-service moving company. With a moving company handling the packing and other aspects of the relocation, you can spend more time talking to your child and helping him or her with the adjustment. This will help ease the transition and make your relocation more successful.