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2 Ways To Improve Your Coffee Business For Consumers

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As someone selling a variety of coffee-making appliances at your store, you want to sell the best items and to leave your consumers with a positive feeling about your establishment. Here are a few ways to make your business more inviting and comfortable. 

Sell Your Items with Sales and Events

One of the best things you can do as a startup or even established business is to hold events at your store. Events draw in new customers and get the foot traffic you need to make the sales you want.

For events:

  1. Offer taste tests of your new Nespresso-compatible capsules or other models you offer for the ever-popular coffee pods.
  2. Draw in customers by having a band or popular speaker at your store.
  3. Invite customers for a holiday-themed event; they will be more likely to buy if it's a holiday revolving around gifts, like Christmas.
  4. Have a raffle. The idea of winning the item they want makes customers take note of it. If they don't win, they may go forward with the purchase anyway, especially if you add on a gift or small discount.

For Sales:

  1. Offering sales can be a drawback for you, since it means you lose some of your profit. Try sales that make you substantially more than you lose. For instance, offering a free pack of espresso coffee capsules with the purchase of a coffee maker makes you a larger sale with a minor loss in profit.
  2. Offer a limited coupon after the purchase of the item is complete. For example, if a customer buys a coffee maker, offer them a 10 percent off coupon for one item through the following week. This will also make sure you get a return customer. If the coupon isn't used, you don't lose any profit at all.

Make Customers Feel At Home

Nothing is worse than going to a large store and having nowhere to sit or relax after you've been shopping for an hour or two. Customers want to take their time when buying, so make that possible. Consider adding these items to your business:

  1. A café that serves your brands of coffee pods.
  2. A seating area with free water or other drinks.
  3. A place for customers to have their children stay while they shop. Some businesses, like big-name grocery stores, have a childcare service in the store provided for free, allowing parents to take their time and shop.

Now, Your Business Is Noteworthy

By making your customers feel like family and offering events and good prices on items, your business will soon be noteworthy. That means that customers will share their positive experiences with you and tell others that they should shop with you as well. Customer satisfaction is key.