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How To Keep Your Front Yard Healthy

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Is your front yard looking a little under the weather?  If you have neglected your grass or garden lately, chances are, it's not feeling very well.  Luckily, it's not too late to bring your flowers, shrubs, and trees back to life.  Here are a few tips to keep your yard healthy.  

Banish Weeds

Weeds can quickly take over your yard and compromise its health.  In dealing with your garden or planters, you should pull weeds out when the soil is moist.  To prevent weeds from growing in the first place, you can cover the ground with old shower curtains or carpet samples.  These methods prevent oxygen and sunlight from giving life to new weeds.  

In order to discourage pesky intruders in your lawn, you'll want to make sure to mow your lawn high.  This supports a thick, healthy lawn that prevents weed growth.  Aerating your soil allows nutrients, air and water to reach the soil beneath your grass.  Finally, use corn gluten meal, an organic weed control method, to help stop weeds before its seeds germinate.  

Meet its Nutritional Needs

To stay healthy, you need proper food, water and sunshine.  So do your plants, lawn and trees.  Before purchasing flowers, make sure to see if the plants require full sun, partial sun or shade.  Furthermore, water your lawn deeply in the morning and only twice a week.  After all, too much water can lead to fungus.  Also, check your hardiness zone to make sure your plants and trees can survive in your climate.  Finally, don't forget to put an one to four inch layer of mulch at your tree's base.  This will keep your tree resilient. 

Maintain Your Yard with the Proper Tools

If you think those standard scissors and plastic shovels will help you maintain your garden, think again.  A hoe is the best weapon against weeds.  A diamond scuffle hoe, a tool with a wing shape, is best to extract weeds at the surface. For small spaces, a dutch hand hoe has a shorter handle and a sharp blade to easily remove weeds just below the surface.

When aerating the soil, it's best to use a plug aerator.  This tool doesn't simply poke a hole in the ground but rather removes a small piece of grass and soil.  This allows more air to reach the dirt.  Complete this process when the ground is moist.  

In order to remove dead or diseased branches, it's also necessary to prune your trees.  Bypass pruners are scissor-like tools that provide a clean cut for smaller branches.  Due to its longer handles and leverage system, a bypass lopper is best for larger branches, up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Give it a Yearly Checkup

Even if your are maintaining your yard properly, sometimes it's good to call in an expert for a checkup.  Professional landscapers and tree cutting services can help you keep your front yard in tip top shape.  Don't be afraid to ask these experts questions about how to best care for your lawn, trees and flowers.  

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