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Surprising Outdoor Home Decor You Thought Was Trash

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Your outdoor home decor is all about making your home look unique and inviting to all your friends and family. Discover treasures for your outdoor decor that you formerly thought were trash, so you can have an amazing landscape that you can enjoy anytime you want!

Chicken wire

Whether you use chicken wire for your garden or to fill in patches of your fence so critters can't get in, don't throw any leftover pieces out. If you connect old pieces of chicken wire into a circle (like a ball) and decorate them with outdoor Christmas lights, you have lovely piece of outdoor decor that you can place along your shrubs or in your garden for a whimsical appeal. If lights aren't your thing, place these balls of chicken wire in your garden over recently planted ground and watch flowers and small vines grow through the wires for added effect in any walkway garden path.

Old wooden wagon wheels

Wagon wheels add a vintage appeal to your yard when propped up against a tree stump or rock formation in your yard. They can also be used as a foundation for grape, Virginia Creeper, or Morning Glory vines to creep up. You can also place wooden wagon wheels in your front yard as a prop for your mailbox, or to border your front door for an intriguing entry way. If you want to customize a wagon wheel, you can paint or stain them so they match your landscape and home decor more effectively.

Metal garbage cans

Old dented garbage cans are one person's trash and another person's treasure, and make excellent flower pots along your driveway when filled with vibrant and varying flowers Simply drill a few holes in the bottom of the can for drainage, and you have a unique and charming flower pot. Flowers that can make an old garbage can look like a gem include:

  • pansies
  • petunias
  • marigolds
  • daisies
  • bachelor's button
  • snapdragons

These flowers come in a variety of textures and lengths, allowing your old garbage can to stand in full glory. As an added bonus, you can move your garbage can around your property as you wish – you have a flower display that is mobile.

There are many ways you can turn what you thought was trash into beautiful outdoor home decor. From garbage cans to old chicken wire, you can create an alluring atmosphere in your yard that you and all your family and friends can enjoy. You may even have people wondering just how you got to be so creative with items that you would have just thrown out otherwise!