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Want Cool Lighting For A Room? Make Them Yourself With Highlighters

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Picking out all the great interior design items needed for your home is a lot of fun. If you're doing it yourself, you already know how much the little things matter when creating the overall look and feel you desire. While some decorative items are easier to purchase (from outlets such as Country Store Interiors), you can add homemade temporary lights. This guide explains how to make lights with highlighters to create a glow in your home for a special occasion or just to add to the design occasionally.

Step 1: Pick Up Your Supplies

As with anything else you do on your own, you'll need some supplies to get started. The items you'll need include:

  • Mason jars
  • highlighters (any color you want)
  • utility knife
  • rubber gloves
  • newspaper
  • glitter

Step 2: Fill the Jars

Find a location with a flat surface and lay down some newspapers. Fill the jars to the rim with water.

Step 3: Open the Highlighter

Put a highlighter on a flat surface. Lay down a couple layers of newspapers. Use the utility knife to cut a hole around the perimeter of the highlighter's case. Do this gently so you don't cut through the entire highlighter.

Step 4: Remove the Highlighter Ink

Put on the rubber gloves and pull the highlighter tube out of the case. Cut the end open with the utility knife. Pour the contents of the tube into the water.

You'll immediately begin to see the water glow.

Step 5: Add Glitter

Open the glitter containers and pour the glitter into the jar. The glitter provides a shimmer to the glow coming from the jar.

Step 6: Set the Lights Up

Set your glowing jars in the area that you want lit. Make sure the surface is level, so they don't tip over.

Caution: Choose an area where children or pets cannot get to the jars. If the jars get knocked over, your kids or pet will have highlighter stains on them, and could be difficult to clean.

Variation: Use the insides of glow sticks for a more dramatic effect. Break the stick open or unscrew the top. Then pour the contents into the water. This variation should only be used if children or pets are not around because of the toxic chemicals glow sticks contain. Not only will it stain clothing and other items, but also the chemicals could be harmful if spilled.

Expect your highlighter lights to last for a couple hours. Keep in mind that these lights work to provide a glow to the area and are not for providing a great amount of light. Save the jars for later use for more lights, but don't use them for anything else; they may be stained from the highlighter ink. Ask your interior designer for other ideas on cool lighting effects.