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About Picking A Deadbolt When House Keys Are Lost & What A Locksmith Charges

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Did a friend pick you up in their car and you forget to take the house keys with you? A locksmith will be prompt about making it to your house to let you in, but you may want to attempt picking the lock on your own first. Below, discover how easy it is to pick a deadbolt and what a locksmith may charge if you need assistance.

How Easy is Picking a Deadbolt When Locked Out?

Picking a deadbolt is not hard at all when you have the tools to do it. You must have a little knowledge of how the deadbolt is made to operate. A deadbolt is able to secure your door through a pin and tumbler system. Basically, it is a series of small pins in the lock that move up and down to lock or unlock the door when a key is used.

As for the tools, you will need a tool called a pick that is long, slim and curved on one end. The other tool is called a tension wrench, which is also slim and long. The tools are slim so they can both be inserted in the keyhole at the same time during the processing of picking the lock.

The first tool that you will have to use is the tension wrench. Put the wrench in the keyhole and turn it as though you are using a key. Leave the keyhole turned and then proceed to place the curved end of the pick inside the keyhole. You will use the pick to move the pins up that are preventing the door from opening. Simply lift all of the pins up until they click into place and you should then be able to open the door. Call a locksmith if the door still doesn't open, as he or she can pick it fast.

How Much Does a Locksmith Charge on Average to Pick a Deadbolt?

The average price charged by a locksmith for making a house call to pick a lock is up to $150, which is only a part of the fee. The other part of the fee is the labor charge and can run an average of up to $250 depending on what time it is when you call. You are looking to spend on the high end of the scale if you need assistance on the weekend. For an accurate quote, call a local locksmith, such as Top Security Locksmiths. If you can't get the deadbolt to open, leave it to a skilled locksmith!