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Packing Tips For Putting Books Into A Storage Unit

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When you have a large amount of books that you want to store long-term, it's important that you pack them properly. If books aren't packed correctly, you're likely to find them covered with mold and mildew when you unpack them later. Here's a look at the steps you should take before putting your books into a storage unit. Even if you rent a climate-controlled unit, you'll want to be proactive about protecting them.

Proper Storage Containers

Instead of packing your books in traditional cardboard boxes, opt for plastic storage containers with airtight lids. Just make sure you're not buying large tubs – those will get very heavy when full of books. Instead, opt for several small plastic containers that will be more manageable. The plastic keeps moisture out and protects the books from odors and dust.

Correct Packing Steps

You'll find it easier to pack your books if you separate them by size. Packing similar sizes together will allow you to keep the boxes better organized. When your packing is more organized, it may even make it easier for you to fit more books in each box.

Stand the books up in the containers so that they are stored in the same way that they would sit on a bookshelf. Position the books so that the spines are alternated. That way, they don't push against each other and cause wear against the edges of the spines. Fill in any gaps in the containers with smaller books or crumpled-up packing paper. This will keep your books secure so that you don't end up with wear and tear around the outsides.

Prevention of Odor and Moisture

Top the boxes with a dryer sheet or two to keep musty odors at bay, and then add a couple of packets of silica gel to the box. That way, you'll have something to absorb moisture inside the container.

Careful Placement

Consider placing the boxes on pallets or shelving to keep them off the ground. That way, the containers won't be affected by any ambient temperature changes or moisture buildup in the concrete or dirt foundation of the storage unit.

If you need to store your books but don't want to risk long-term damage or lasting musty odors in the paper, packing them correctly is vital. With these tips, you can keep your books in a self-storage unit for as long as necessary without any concerns about lasting damage.  

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