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3 Ways To Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden

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When you spend hours working in your garden, the last thing you want to see is a slug gnawing holes in your plants. You probably already know how to kill the slugs that you find, but it's easier to just keep them from entering your garden in the first place. Here are three ways to keep slugs out of your garden. 

Reduce moisture in your garden

Slugs need to live in wet environments since their bodies are very prone to drying out. To avoid attracting slugs, you need to reduce the moisture level in your garden. That doesn't mean that you can't water your flowers anymore; you just need to change your routine to avoid attracting slugs.

Water your garden in the morning, not at night, so that the moisture has time to evaporate during the day. By nighttime, when slugs are active and looking for food, your garden won't be very appealing, and they'll crawl elsewhere in search of moisture.

Spread diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an abrasive powder made out of the fossilized remains of diatoms, a kind of algae. Since this powder is abrasive, slugs can't crawl across it without hurting themselves. Slugs that crawl across the abrasive powder will suffer cuts on the undersides of their bodies and will die.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your garden to prevent slugs from being able to enter. Diatomaceous earth needs to stay dry to be effective, so make sure to replace it after you water your garden or after it rains. Be aware that diatomaceous earth will kill any crawling insect that crosses its path, so you will keep good insects out of your garden, too.

Choose slug repelling plants

Slugs may love to nibble on your flowers, your strawberries, and your tomatoes, but they don't enjoy eating all types of plants. Slugs find some types of plants very unpleasant, and if fill your garden with these plants, they will need to find someone else's garden. Plants that may repel slugs include strong-smelling plants like garlic, lavender, and mint. Plants such as wormwood, stinging nettles, and geraniums are also known for their slug repelling properties. If possible, plant these plants around the perimeter of your garden to keep slugs out.

Slugs can ruin the hard work that you put into your garden, which is why it's important to keep them out of it. Use one or more of these methods to repel your slugs (or call a local specialist like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies).