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Everything You Need To Know About Tipping Your Movers

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Hiring a team of professional movers can significantly make your life easier and reduce your stress on the day of your big move. While moving companies typically require a credit card deposit when you book the crew, this payment isn't a substitute for tipping your crew. As with many other times you receive a service, it's appropriate to tip your moving crew as a way to share your gratitude for the group's hard work. Knowing the conventional amount to tip will ensure your tip falls within the proper range. Before your moving crew arrives, here's what you need to know about tipping the movers.

The Right Amount

While many moving companies stress to their customers that tipping isn't required, it's a recognized understanding that tipping is suitable when you've received the help of a moving crew. The general approach is to confirm the total amount that you're paying for the service and then tip the movers about five percent of that total. The norm is to take the five percent and divide it equally among the members of the crew. In many standard cases, this amount works out to a tip somewhere within the range of $10 to $20 per person.

Influencing Considerations

A variety of considerations can play a role in helping you determine whether you wish to tip five percent or give a little bit more. The crew's attentiveness is arguably the biggest consideration for calculating a tip; movers who clearly exhibit care in handling your possessions while working quickly and efficiently can often warrant a slightly higher tip. Likewise, your encounters with the crew are also worth thinking about. Some people tip a little extra when the movers are friendly and courteous during the competition of the job. Lastly, the weather can also factor in; if it's extremely cold or extremely hot, you might wish to give a larger tip to each mover as a way of recognizing that the job wasn't easy because of the elements.

Beyond Dollars

Although tipping is the simplest way to let the members of the moving crew know that you're pleased with their work, you can also convey your thanks by having some refreshments available. Whether or not you wish to provide lunch is up to you, but a polite gesture is to have, at the very least, some bottles of water to help keep the crew hydrated. If you're moving when it's cold, some coffee is also a welcome addition to the move.

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