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Clean An Outdoor Water Fountain's Pump And Continue To Care For It

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After using an outdoor water fountain in your backyard on a daily basis for several months, you may notice that the submersible water pump has algae on its surface or that the water moving through the pump isn't flowing as freely as it used to. Clean the pump with the following steps so that it works properly. Afterwards, keep the pump maintained to minimize the amount of cleaning that you will need to complete in the future.

Materials Needed

  • rubber gloves
  • old newspaper
  • plastic sheeting
  • toothbrush
  • bucket of soapy water
  • limescale remover
  • water hose
  • sponge
  • purified water

Remove Surface Stains 

Turn off the power to the fountain. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and locate the submersible pump. If it is held in place by a bracket, slide it out. Disconnect the tubing that is connected to the side of the pump by carefully pulling it loose. Pull the pump out of the water and place it on a table that is covered with old newspaper or a piece of plastic sheeting.

Dip a toothbrush into a bucket of soapy water. Move the brush firmly over the pump's exterior to remove surface stains. If algae stains are severe, pour a little bit of limescale remover on the brush and apply it to the dirty areas. 

Soak Parts In Water To Remove Fine Particles

Remove the filter from the bottom of the pump and place it in the bucket of soapy water. Place the pump in the bucket, as well. Move each part swiftly through the water with your hands to loosen any fine particles of dirt that are stuck on them. Rinse the pump and filter off with a water hose. Reattach the filter.

Reattach Parts And Maintain The Pump

Place the water pump in its original location. Reattach the tubing to the water pump by sliding it over the area that it connects to. Turn on the power to the fountain. Water should flow through it the proper away. When you are getting ready to change the water in the fountain, clean the fountain's interior first with soapy water and a sponge. Remove algae stains with limescale remover.

Rinse off the fountain's surface and fill it with purified water. The purified water will prevent the pump from becoming dirty as often. If you do notice staining on the pump, however, remove it soon afterwards. As long as you keep the pump maintained, it will work properly so that you can continue to enjoy the fountain.

You can always look for outdoor water fountains for sale if you need to replace yours or if you are planning on expanding your garden area.