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Here's The Easiest And Most Functional Way To Get An Outdoor Water Feature

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Pumps, filters, and maintenance are just a few reasons why many homeowners never realize their dream of a gorgeous yard featuring an eye-catching water feature like a fountain, for example. In recent years, however, a new trend has been taking over gutters across the country as a way to incorporate a functional and beautiful water feature into any home exterior. Rain chains are quickly becoming a favorite way for homeowners to add some functional beauty to their homes, and catching on to this trend can yield some unexpected benefits. 

What is a Rain Chain?

Rain chains come in a variety of different configurations, but the basic idea is that they can replace a downspout on the front of your home by giving water from your gutters a creative and beautiful way to discharge water. The traditional form of a rain chain relies on the ability of water to stick to a surface (surface tension) which allows the water to run from your gutter to the ground on a chain, which fills up the links of the chains with water in a way that can shimmer and sparkle with water flow. Other versions contain a series of cups or spouts that pass the rainwater from one cup to another, creating a veritable moving work of art whenever it rains. 

Benefits for Your Home

The benefits of switching to a rain chain from a tradition downspout are surprisingly numerous given the number of problems associated with traditional downspouts. First and foremost, a traditional rain chain made of links can't clog like a traditional downspout can. Even if you opt for a cup style rain chain, the fact that each cup is independent and accessible makes clearing clogs a snap.

Another advantage of a rain chain over a traditional downspout is that a rain chain is pretty hard to damage, especially if you tether the bottom to your water collection system to keep it in place. Unlike a downspout that can kink or get knocked over, a secured rain chain is surprisingly resilient in the face of falling objects, high winds, and the occasional stray baseball. 

Few are the opportunities that homeowners have to not only add to the aesthetic value of their home, but to add to the functionality of their yard fixtures, as well. The humble rain chain is one of these opportunities, since they're easier to maintain than a downspout and are endlessly more beautiful. Contact a company like Monarch Rain Chains or a similar location for more info.