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Dressing Up Your Living Room With Unique Draperies

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If you enjoy decorating your home so it has a unique style, and you have a set of bland draperies hanging over a sliding glass door or large window, consider revamping it on your own. There are several ways you can revitalize worn or unattractive draperies into works of art. Here are a few ideas you can use to increase the aesthetics of your draperies using items you might already have present within your household. The result will be a great looking set of window coverings you will be proud to display.

Stencil Your Own Pattern On Your Draperies

Add your own special touch to draperies with the use of fabric paint. A plastic stencil can be use to add decorative stars, spirals, symbols, or even letters. Tape the stencil over the area of fabric you want to color and apply fabric paint to the exposed material with a small brush. This can be done in a haphazard manner for a whimsical look or with the help of a ruler for a structured pattern. Be sure to wipe off the stencil in between paint applications so any excess does not mar the draperies in the process of your decorating.

Use Rhinestones Or Beads To Give Your Draperies Character

Give your draperies a bit of a three-dimensional effect with the application of rhinestones or beads. Rhinestones can be glued directly to the fabric to give the draperies a shimmering look. Beads can be sewn onto to the material so they are secured onto your desired locations. This can be done sporadically over the draperies in their entirety, or limited to the edging for a polished appearance.

Apply New Pieces Of Material To Existing Draperies

Consider covering worn areas of existing draperies with new pieces of material to hide them from view. Patches can be sewn to the draperies to give it a fresh, new look. Pick out a patterned material similar in color to the draperies so they blend in well once affixed. These pieces of materials can be applied with fabric glue so they remain in place. Alternately, use fusible webbing to apply the patches to the material. This is done with the aid of an iron. Finish the project with the addition of sewn-on tassels to the bottom edge of the drapery material. Your new window coverings will be sure to be a conversation pieces to any who view them when visiting your home.

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