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Three Advantages Of A Trundle Bed

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When you're assessing various pieces of furniture that will increase the amount of space you have to accommodate overnight guests, one option is a trundle bed. While one member of your family can use the top part of the trundle bed nightly, you have the option of pulling out the bottom mattress to provide supplemental sleeping space for a guest. There are several different pieces of furniture that can offer sleeping space, but don't overlook the value that a trundle bed can provide. Here are some advantages of this piece of furniture, which you can buy at your local furniture store.

It Doesn't Take Up A Lot Of Floor Space 

Something that you'll like about having a trundle bed in your home is that it doesn't take up a lot of floor space when the lower portion of the bed is tucked away. Other types of furniture that can provide sleeping space for your overnight guests can have a large footprint. A sectional sofa, for example, is extremely large and may be challenging to fit in certain environments. If you have a smaller home or the room in which you will place the trundle bed is somewhat cramped, you'll appreciate how this bed does not consume a lot of floor space.

It Keeps Children Separate

If you anticipate regularly having children stay at your house overnight — perhaps a pair of grandchildren, or maybe a niece and a nephew — the design of a trundle bed can be advantageous. If you were to put two children in the bed of a pull-out couch, conflicts could arise. Children can bicker about being in each other's space or hogging the blankets. Because a trundle bed has a pair of separate mattresses, the children will stay far enough apart that they should get along overnight.

It's Low To The Ground

Some children roll around at night and can occasionally fall out of bed. Parents equip their children's beds with safety rails, but if you are having this type of child sleep at your house, you won't have the proper safety equipment. A trundle bed can be a good fit in this situation. Even if the child were to roll off the lower mattress while sleeping, they'd only fall a few inches to the floor. This fall would be unlikely to cause an injury, compared to falling off the mattress of a conventional-sized bed.