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Four Reasons to Buy a Freestanding Electric Fireplace

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Fireplaces create a focal point in a room while providing cozy warmth, but traditional fireplaces come with a lot of maintenance. Adding an electric freestanding fireplace creates a beautiful look in any room with minimal upkeep. If you're looking for a simple way to transform the decor in your home, here are some reasons to choose an electric freestanding fireplace. 

Simple Setup

A freestanding electric fireplace requires only the use of a compatible wall outlet and some light assembly. Unlike installing a gas fireplace or a wired electric unit, there are no gas lines or wiring setups to worry about.  You can place a freestanding electric fireplace along a wall in your room to create an instant focal point. With quick, hassle-free installation, these types of fireplaces let you upgrade the look of your space effortlessly. 

Soothing Faux Flames

Electric fireplaces provide a source of warmth in the room, and the faux flames create the same soothing effect real fires do. However, electric fireplaces can be used without the heating element, which means you can enjoy the cozy flame effect even in the hottest summer months. You may also achieve peace of mind when using an electric fireplace, as there are no flying embers to worry about as you warm your room. 

Easy Operation

Electric freestanding fireplaces can be turned on with the press of a power button, and some models even come with remote controls. This means you can power on the heat or just the flame effect from virtually anywhere in the room. If you already have a smart home setup, consider investing in an electric fireplace with voice assistant compatibility. You'll be able to power on the heat or set a calming scene with just the sound of your voice whenever you walk into the room. Smart fireplaces can even be placed on a timer to turn on at specific times each day. 

Unique Design Elements

You can find freestanding electric fireplaces in a range of designs, from those set in rich wood-finished cabinets to models with sleek, modern stainless steel frames. Some television stands and entertainment centers come with electric fireplaces built-in, adding visual interest to your living room or family room. Use a smaller fireplace in a guest bedroom to create a cozy, welcoming look, and opt for a cherry-finished model flanked with bookshelves to complete a home office or den. Electric freestanding fireplaces can be added to virtually any room in the home to add a touch of warmth to your decor. 

There are many reasons to invest in a fireplace for sale. Speak with a local retailer to learn more about it.