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FAQs About Having A Home Water Softener Installed

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If you have hard water and are tired of dealing with mineral buildup on everything, then you may want to have a water softener installed. Most plumbers will install water softeners, and your plumber can also help you pick the right model for your home. However, you may still have some of the following questions going into this project.

Where will the water softener go?

There is some flexibility as to where your water softener is installed. However, it does need to be installed somewhat near the place where the main water pipe enters your home. All of the water that enters your home needs to flow through the water softener before continuing through the pipes. The closer to your main water pipe the softener is, the less "extra" pipe your plumber has to run. So, unless there is a very good reason to put it further away, you'll generally want it placed as close as possible to the place where the main pipe goes through your wall.

Can you take the water softener with you if you move?

Technically it would be possible to remove the water softener and take it with you when you move, but this is not typical. Once the water softener is in place, it's generally left there — much like a water heater or furnace would be. If you're moving soon, that does not mean you can't or shouldn't install a water softener. It will increase the value of your home and make the home more appealing to future buyers. 

Does the water softener need to be near a gas line?

No, there should be no reason for the water softener to be near a gas line, or for your plumber to run any additional gas lines when installing a water softener. These are electric appliances, and they can be plugged into most any outlet. If the installation site is not near an outlet, your installer can either run new wiring, or they can use an extension cord to plug in the softener. If you choose the extension cord route, you'll want to run it overhead or secure it along the wall so nobody trips on it.

Hopefully, with these questions having been answered, you feel more prepared to have a water softener installed in your home. These appliances are really helpful in keeping your pipes clear, your appliances free from mineral buildup, and your hair and skin moist.

For more information about water softener installation, contact a local company.