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5 Reasons To Replace Your Wood Windows With Vinyl

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When it's time for new windows, you may need to choose between wood or vinyl. There are quite a few reasons why it's a good idea to opt for vinyl replacement windows instead of sticking with wood. 

1. Constant Maintenance

Wood is the highest maintenance material you can choose for your home's windows. The main reason is because wood must be repainted every few years so that it has a waterproof exterior. Touchups to small damages are required more frequently. Over time, the paint wears off, peels, or bubbles. Painting is rarely straightforward, as the damaged peeling paint must be scraped off and all the windows closely inspected for damage before painting can even begin.

2. Moisture Problems

Your windows should work to keep all moisture out of your house since moisture incursion can lead to rot, structural damage, and mold. Unfortunately, wood is more likely to allow moisture in compared to vinyl replacement windows. Over time, moisture can seep through small damages in the paint and cause the wood windows to rot. Once this occurs, moisture will begin to make its way inside where it can cause major problems.

3. Ongoing Expenses

With vinyl windows, nearly the entire cost is upfront with the initial installation of the replacement windows. When it comes to wood windows, some of the cost is upfront with installation, but you will continue to pay for the windows over the years as you have to repaint and repair them annually. Failure to do so will increase the cost of wood windows as rot and air leaks will reduce the energy efficiency and increase your heating and cooling bills.

4. Reduced Insulation

One reason wood windows are still popular is because wood is a naturally insulating material. The good news is that modern vinyl windows are also highly insulated. Vinyl frames are equipped with an insulated core that often insulates at a higher rate compared to wood. Further, vinyl windows are less prone to warping and air leaks, which improves insulation and increases the efficiency of the seals that keep the insulated glass in place. 

5. Weathering Concerns

Appearance should also be a concern since you want your house to look nice. Unlike vinyl, which is fairly weather-resistant, wood frames are very much at the mercy of the conditions. Too much sun and heat can cause paint to fade and wood to crack. Moisture leads to mold, peeling paint, and warped wood. Vinyl colors don't fade or crack due to most weathering.

Contact a window replacement service if you are ready to swap out old wood windows for durable vinyl replacements. For more information, contact a company like Papillion Windows & Siding, Inc.