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Three Benefits Of Using Nesting Tables In Your Living Room

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When you shop for living room furniture, there are several pieces to consider. In addition to sofas and chairs, you'll also want a few tables. Many people use coffee tables in their living rooms, while end tables positioned next to sofas and chairs can also be useful. As you look at different tables, you'll likely come across nesting tables. As this term suggests, these are tables — typically two or three individual pieces — that are slightly different sizes, which allows you to "nest" the tables together by sliding the smallest one under the medium one, and then sliding those two under the largest one. Here are some benefits of using nesting tables in your living room.

They Save Space

There are lots of reasons that you might favor a large table in the living room. If you frequently host parties, for example, a large surface will give you plenty of room for holding food. The drawback to a large table is that space that it takes up, which is especially a problem in a small living room. Nesting tables are ideal because they take up minimal space when they're together. You can use all of them for a gathering, but then nest them together to create a tidy look and feel afterward.

They Provide Different Heights

Nesting tables have different heights. This design means that that largest table is also the tallest, as this is necessary for the other tables to fit below it. For many people, having tables of different heights can be desirable. For example, if you have children or you frequently host family get-togethers where children are present, the smallest of your nesting tables will be at a low height that will be suitable for kids. They can use it for playing board games, drawing, or even eating. Meanwhile, the taller height of the largest table can be suitable for adults to use.

They Prevent Congestion

At a gathering in your home in which you have snacks on a conventional coffee table, there will often be a crowd around the table for much of the evening. This congestion can sometimes make it difficult for everyone to get the snacks that they want. Nesting tables provide more flexibility. Because you have multiple tables, you can situate them in different parts of the living room. For example, you might put one type of snacks on one table, drinks on another, and something else on another. This can result in your guests mingling around each of the tables, which will prevent a large crowd at just one of them.

Visit a local living room furniture store to browse the selection of nesting tables.